Alternative Truth

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One of the unwritten codes of life is ‘anything that is obtained through lying has to be kept through MORE and MORE lying’.

Unfortunately, when this trend continues unabated, lying becomes second-nature, destroying every iota of integrity and honor one might have. Oh! what is left of life when integrity, honor, respect and trust are all traded for ‘morsels of meat’ that lying attracts?

Lying, as some now prefer to call it ‘alternative truth’ or ‘occasional slip of tongue’, is like the offensive stench from a decaying product or the obnoxious smell that comes from the defensive spray of a Skunk.

Great destinies are halted when lying (like many other ungodly vices) drives a habitually iniquitous lifestyle.

Liars are free to aspire for greatness and occasionally may occupy a great position by lying. The dilemma however is that their ‘alternative truth’ approach to life catches up with them sooner than imagined. Liars are generally a shame to behold after a while.

My humble plea – choose Truth and don’t seek an alternative to it. Deal with the seed of lie before it turns into an over-grown forest of regrets and pains. Come to the Cross quickly for a true rebirth; the Truth Himself is waiting with open arms.

And remember, truth promotes and projects, falsehood demotes and devalues.

Kayode Raphael Adegboye

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Kayode Raphael Adegboye, an Agribusiness Strategist and Resource Management professional holds a Masters degree in Agricultural Science and Resource Management from the University of Bonn, Germany.

His earlier educational history covers a Bachelors degree in Agriculture (Animal Science), a Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management and two Advanced Certificates in MIS and Sales and Marketing Management.

Raphael, as he is fondly called, has a rich professional experience covering the agriculture and agri-food, environment, FCMG, service and financial sectors.

Over the last eight years, he has built qualitative competence in resource development, agribusiness management, sustainable agricultural operations covering crop production and protection, livestock management and environmental development. Other key areas of his expertise include training and consultancy, agrifood supply chain management, project design and implementation, agricultural/environmental standards and certification and strategic planning.

Raphael’s professional and research experience spans Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya & Morocco), Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, UK), the Gulf (Qatar) and North America.

An advocate of green business practices, he believes that profitability and sustainability must be mutually inclusive for the survival of 21st century business and world.

Raphael has a commendable history of community involvement and volunteering and he is entrepreneurial in thinking.

ADLER Award 2010

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Memories from ADLER 2010 Award where i was presented with the Aspiring Youth Award by the African Youth Foundation, Germany.

Ambition vs Vision

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‘I want to’ ‘I’d love to’ ‘how beautiful would it be if’

Desires! Hopes! Aspiration! Ambition!

I write this piece from the premise that the conflict between what we want and what God wants for us is an ongoing one. By birth, every human remotely acquires the ability to wish, want, will and work towards to specific ambitions. However, if such ambitions are not seeds of a vision, all efforts directed at achieving them might end up in a rat race, a sad adventure of motion without promotion.

Our desires and delights are powerful and to a great extent, define our aspirations and expectations. They could be product of our fears, failures, feelings, likes and dislikes and could go a long way to determine how our days, weeks, months and years will go.

After years of relentlessly pursuing a course, often times I hear people say ‘I missed it’, I should have considered XYZ from the onset. I should have measured twice and cut once. This sad and sudden realization has made some people given up on life and everything around them. They based major life decisions on what others where doing rather than what God was doing. They are now apostles of their misfortunes.

They are folks who have judged a book by the cover and jumped into the ‘wrong’ relationships, picked up ‘juicy’ but unknowingly life-damaging careers, fiercely jostle for seemingly ‘bright’ but glory-sapping opportunities and even jetted mysteriously into ‘god’s own’ but eventually agony-loaded countries and would later languish terribly in regret.

Where could they have missed it in their calculations?

The answer; putting ambition ahead of vision.

I submit that God, our sweet, loving creator is not the author of wasteful and regretful living. His plans are locked up in His vision for our life. We run into troubles when we adopt the bottom-up rather than top-down approach. We push our feelings, wishes and personal ambitions to Him for His endorsement rather He handing out His plans to us for our compliance.

While God will not take the power of our aspirations and ambitions from us, He is actually counting on us to remember we did not create ourselves and we could not have had a plan for ourselves from onset. He is hoping we would acknowledge that there is a divine plan behind our life that is bigger and greater than all our capabilities. Our skills, education, experience and personal abilities will NEVER equate this divine plan.

God is only one who will birth this plan into our life. Once we are committed to living our vision, He will orchestrate everything around us to direct us to the place of the unfolding of this vision. He will burn all the bushes He wills to get our attention. He will supernaturally make provision available for our vision.

Life is too short to be wasted on regrets. It’s time to jettison personal ambitions and go for our God-designed vision.


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‘I have done enough’ ‘I have tried’ ‘Nothing can be better than this’

How often do we find ourselves muting or expressing these statements? Very often, I can bet.

It’s called complacency. describes it as ‘a feeling of contentment or self-satisfaction, especially when coupled with an unawareness of danger, trouble, or controversy.’

It’s stopping right in the middle of a highway and declining to move further; a state of doing nothing when something needs to be done.

Complacency places a false sense of accomplishment on one’s life and builds an unreal aura of euphoria around one’s thinking. It’s a negative vice that is bred by comparison, fear of taking risk, negativity and laziness.

While looking up to people as models and mentors might not be bad, it may however lead to a point where one places a limit on one’s potentials. Men and women who compare themselves with others put a full stop at the beginning of their sentence rather at the end. They stop being creative and productive and start developing a sense of unhealthy competition. They eventually lose sight of their dream and capabilities.

Risk is part of everything. Taking calculated risk enhances the chances of success. Folks who always like to play it safe and venture into nothing end up wearing the garb of complacency. They call it being careful but on the long-run, it fuels their sense of self-satisfaction and keeps them at the same spot while others are way ahead.

In my few years of living, I have also come to see how negativity can clamp one down to a world of self-satisfaction and nothingness. When one’s worldview is that of hatred, bitterness, anger and revenge, there is practically nothing to look forward to in life. To a negative person, good looks bad and dreams appear as nightmares. A negative person continuously saps his/her own energy and finds a safe haven in his/her own unpopular and anti-progress thoughts and feelings.

Laziness is the age-old father of complacency. Doing nothing and being nothing. Abhorring responsibilities and placing a demand on others for one’s upkeep; constantly churning out excuses for inactivity and failure. Nothing can be more damaging in life than a combination of laziness and complacency.

Complacency is killing our world. Great minds are giving up and brilliant voices are going into silence. We are consoling ourselves with the past and eating up our present without any real investment in our future. We are consumed with praising ourselves instead of praying for ourselves.

There is a clarion call for us to be sensible with our time and life. Not just wasting away with everything that comes our way. Finding a vision and pursuing it. Staying focused rather than jumping at every task, job, lifestyle etc that could age our mind and life early.

It’s time to unlock our potentials. Let’s get to work: to device new concepts, write new books, solve new problems, help new people and conquer new enemies. Let’s challenge ourselves to new heights and new depths and stamp complacency out of our world.

Let’s Get Started

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I got to know about this blogging website through a friend’s facebook link and i think i like it., what a cool name.

Well, what can i start with? I couldn’t think of anything nicer than posting the picture of  my brother and i which was taken about thirty years ago. I love it. A picture of Tunde and me.

Tunde was holding a piece of Carrot – something to make him sit calmly on the chair. With me, Iya did not need to cajole me with anything.

Tunde’s look has not really changed and i am not looking differently either. Although firmness in my face has changed.

Babatunde Ayodele Adegboye & Kayode Raphael Adegboye

My time has come

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There is a time and a season for everything under the Sun, the book of Ecclesiastes records. A time to cry and a time to laugh; A time to plant and a time to reap; A time to be in school and a time to be a graduate. I am now a graduate.

I had my last examination on 12th of March, which was a 30 credit point exams and a defence of my thesis work. I researched over the last one year on GLOBALGAP standard in Kenya and the need to better understand the approaches through which smallholders are linked to the fresh fruit and vegetables supply chain.

After about 2hours of both oral presentation and scientific discussions and questioning, the deal was sealed. I was declared successful by the chairperson of the examination, Prof. Dr. Holm-Mueller (Mrs)  in the company of both my first and second supervisors, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schiefer and Dr. Ralf Nolten. The grade was a 1.0, the best result in the German’s grading category.

What more can i say, ALL GLORY TO GOD for the mouth and wisdom He gave me that nobody could stand against. God took absolute control of everything. I sounded eloquent, composed and confident. I was in charge and the delivery was great.

I am done with school now and i am ready to take my position among the best and the greatest. I am poised to honour God with my talent and time. Nothing can stop me. My time has come.